Brief about Azithromycin Antibiotic

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A lot is being heard about Azithromycin as an Antibiotic to be used in the context of the current Coronavirus infection.

Azithromycin is an antibiotic from the Macrolide group which is used to treat some type of Bacterial infections.

The purpose of writing this article is to mainly inform the reader that is unwise and irresponsible to start an antibiotic by yourself – not without a medical prescription.

Being a developing country, laws, and legislation is not in place prohibiting the sale of Antibiotics without a medical prescription – as is the norm in all developed nations. In developed countries, you cannot buy an Antibiotic as an OTC (over the counter) medicine.

India is leading the world in antibiotic resistance – and indiscriminate use of antibiotics, inappropriate antibiotic, improper dosage, stopping without completing a course are some of the major factors leading to this Resistance.

Azithromycin is typically a Bacteriostatic antibiotic in that it inhibits the growth of the Bacteria without killing it- the body’s own defense mechanism then destroys the bacteria.

Azithromycin is typically used to treat a certain group of bacteria and is usually effective in treating bacterial infections of the upper Respiratory tract as well as the lungs.

It is usually given as a 500 mg tablet in adults, to be taken once a day, usually for 5 days.

As with all medicines, Azithromycin has its share of side effects and apart from drug allergy, there could be gastro-intestinal disturbances.