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Deafness or Hearing Loss is caused by diseases in the Ear and beyond

ENT Delhi provides best in class treatment for deafness and hearing related problems

Hearing Loss
Conductive Deafness

Diseases of the External Ear (Wax etc), Middle Ear (Ear drum perforation, ossicular problems) cause Conductive Deafness. After a thorough examination and simple tests like Audiometry, this type of Deafness is treated with medication, procedures(wax removal) and surgeries which include repair of the ear drum, reconstruction of the ossicles etc

Hearing Loss
Cochlear Deafness

Diseases of the Inner Ear (Cochlea) cause Sensory Deafness which, if sudden in onset are managed by medication. If there is well established Cochlear Deafness it is managed by offering Hearing Aids

Neural Deafness

Disease beyond the Inner ear cause Neural Deafness – a part of the ‘SensoryNeural’ deafness pattern. After investigating for the cause, which could include a Brain Tumour, these patients are offered rehabilitation with a Hearing Aid.

Hearing Loss
Treatment For Deafness

the Centre has a tie up with Amplifon - the world’s largest hearing care provider. We offer some of the latest and most sophisticated hearing solutions available globally.

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