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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a very common symptom amongst all age groups. Children have a hearing loss related to frequent upper respiratory tract infections. Ear drum perforations are a common cause of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be due to a variety of causes, and in this instance our attention has been brought to bear on exposure to daily noise that could be contributing to this hearing loss.

It is usually felt that old persons will have some degree of hearing loss related to ageing which causes the partial destruction of the hair cells in the Cochlea which are responsible for hearing.


ENT Delhi provides best in class treatment for deafness and hearing related problems. Apart from a double chamber sound proof testing facility for hearing (Audiometry) it is staffed by senior post graduate Audiologists.

Hearing Loss
Sound Exposure

Avoid exposure to loud machinery sound

Hearing Loss
Avoid Loud Traffic

When in traffic - in the presence of car honking or loud siren sounds keep the car windows closed

Hearing Loss
Loud Music

Restrict the use of I pod/ music device with ear phones to the minimum - and when you do, keep the volume low.

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