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Why choose MedFirst?

MedFirst ENT Centre is a specialist ENT clinic located in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. At the helm is the city’s leading ENT surgeon Dr (Major) Rajesh Bhardwaj. The centre has a well equipped OT with trained, experienced, and caring staff.

In 1997, Dr Bhardwaj entered the private sector and set up his own clinic, MedFirst ENT Centre. He has been previously attached with Max Hospital and Modi Hospital (Max Smart City Hospital, Saket ) & is currently attached with the Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.

Most recently he was Head, ENT, Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka.
Dr Bhardwaj has been the President of the ENT Association of India (Delhi Branch) and is involved in the Branch activities. He has been the Senior Vice President of Delhi Medical Association, South Delhi Branch.
The doctor is well known for his ethical approach and for providing an honest opinion.

Best Services

ENT Hospital in Delhi

Personal care by senior experienced doctor

Same doctor will see you on every visit.
No juggling with OPD Timings as happens in large hospitals.

Why choose MedFirst?
On-time appointment and scheduling

Minimum waiting time for patients with an appointment.

Med First ENT Centre
State of the Art

Endoscopic cameras, microscope, accompanied by suction and syringing equipment

Ent Specialist in Delhi
otitis externa
ENT Specialist

Modern Infrastructure

we care for you

Med First ENT Centre
Modern prescription handling

No more guesswork at the chemist or wrong medication
Keep printout as record
Also shared on WhatsApp
No need to bring your old prescriptions to us– we have our record

Why choose MedFirst?
Polite and experienced dedicated staff

Dedicated to caring for ENT patients

Why choose MedFirst?
Sanitized Premises

Premises are thoroughly sanitized regularly and repeatedly
Instruments are thoroughly autoclaved and safe.
Masks and gloves are worn where needed
Hand Sanitizers available at entrance.

Why choose MedFirst?
Convenient location

Easy to find location in Vasant Vihar- Lane Opposite Vasant Vihar Club & Clinic opposite the Shri Ram School

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Frequently Asked Questiones

Avoid listening to MP3 players etc (with head phones) at very high volumes for prolonged intervals – these are likely to damage your hearing. If you cannot hear conversation around you while you are listening to the music, it may be too loud, kindly reduce volume.

I find the best way to clean the nasal passages is by filling the palm of your hand with skin warm water and inhaling through each nostril and then blowing it out.

Snoring is a common problem. Unfortunately it is multifactorial in causation. You will need to undergo a detailed snoring work up which will include a sleep study to find out the extent and the causes of the problem.However, certain lifestyle modifications always help – regular physical activity, weight reduction, giving up smoking, alcohol, if at all, only in moderation.

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