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Vocal Cord Surgery

Vocal Cord Surgery

Vocal Cord surgery is performed when the vocal cords have growths, such as, polyps, tumors, or other masses that need to be removed for biopsy or to improve function. The child will usually exhibit a hoarse or raspy voice.

Vocal Cord surgery is also indicated to normalize vocal cord functioning when the vocal cords are scarred from various causes, paralyzed, or are otherwise abnormal. These conditions may interfere with the complete opening and/or closing of the vocal cords, which is necessary for normal speech and breathing.

Vocal Cord Surgery

Vocal Cord Surgery

Surgery on the vocal cords can be performed either directly in an open surgical approach (making an incision in the neck) or indirectly through an endoscopic approach (through a tube inserted into the mouth and throat).
Either procedure is performed under general anesthesia (the patient is fully asleep).

Recovery after either an open or endoscopic approach includes minimizing damage to the larynx during surgery, as well as reducing inflammation after the surgery. Therefore, your surgeon will recommend the procedure he/she feels will minimize these complications.

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