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Kindly keep the following points in mind to keep your ear, nose, and throat healthy:


  1. How do I clean my ears?

-“You can put anything into your ears to clean them as long it is bigger than your elbow!” Yes, it’s true – your ears do not require cleaning, wax dose not need to be removed – it is a protective secretion of the ear canal.

2. Is it OK to put oil etc in my ears?

-Your ear is not a cooking range -kindly avoid putting oil, and other exotic substances like garlic extract, badaam rogan etc into it! In a tropical country like India this is likely to lead to a serious fungal infection.

3. Is it OK to listen to MP3 player with headphones?

-Avoid listening to MP3 players etc (with head phones) at very high volumes for prolonged intervals – these are likely to damage your hearing. If you cannot hear conversation around you while you are listening to the music, it may be too loud, kindly reduce volume.


  1. I tend to sneeze whenever I wake up in the morning or on leaving an air-conditioned room. What can I do for that?

– This is related to sudden change in temperature, which may lead to sneezing or watery discharge from the nose. As a precaution avoid sudden changes in temperature e.g. switch off the car AC a minute before you are to get off, similarly with the room AC.

2. I have a constant desire to clean my nostrils. What is the best way of doing this?

– I find the best way to clean the nasal passages is by filling the palm of your hand with skin warm water and inhaling through each nostril and then blowing it out.


  1. Doctor, I get a constant irritation in my throat. What can I do for that?

-For constant irritation/ general dryness in the throat kindly gargle with warm saline once after brushing your teeth in the morning and once just before going to sleep at night.

2. I have been told that I snore at night. This is very embarrassing when I travel – the person next to me gets disturbed. Can something be done about this?

Snoring is a common problem. Unfortunately it is multifactorial in causation. You will need to undergo a detailed snoring work up which will include a sleep study to find out the extent and the causes of the problem.However, certain lifestyle modifications always help – regular physical activity, weight reduction, giving up smoking, alcohol, if at all, only in moderation.

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