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January 14, 2023 By admin In Uncategorized
Cough Syrups What do they containPP1130123
Cough Syrups – What do they contain? Cough is a very common symptom and most of us buy an Over Counter (OTC) cough syrup for relief. However, there is no universal cough syrup that you can use – they are many different types, meant for different types of cough. Some have ingredients that...

Swimmer’s Ear!

January 12, 2023 By admin In Uncategorized
Swimmers Ear PP2110123 1
The ear is divided into three parts by way of structure and function – The External Ear, Middle Ear, and Inner Ear. The External ear consists of the Pinna and the External Auditory canal up to the ear drum (Tympanic Membrane). Infection of the External ear is termed as Otitis Externa and ‘Swimme...

Ear Phones Can Cause Serious Ear Problems

January 09, 2023 By admin In Uncategorized
Ear Problem
Ear Phones are ubiquitous – from attending zoom calls, to using while jogging or in the gym, or resorting to handsfree while performing other tasks ear phones have found multiple applications. The ‘Work From Home’ (WFH) culture necessitated by the pandemic and our subsequent adoption of the ...

Testing For Vertigo And Balance Disorder

December 16, 2022 By admin In Uncategorized
vertigoPP 300123
Vertigo, Dizziness, Giddiness are common symptoms that are poorly understood by the patient as well as physicians. It has been my experience that patients who suffer from a sudden episode of Vertigo reach the emergency unit of hospitals where they are admitted and subjected to a whole range of inves...

Two Pathways of Taste

May 24, 2022 By admin In Uncategorized
Unknown Things About Coronavirus (26)
Of our five senses, we probably understand the least about taste. Apart from lack of proper research, it has been difficult to measure or quantify Taste, the way we do for Vision and Hearing....