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How it is perfromed ?

Microlaryngoscopy is a surgical procedure performed through a surgical instrument called a laryngoscope that is placed through the mouth to expose the vocal folds.

A microscope is used to examine the vocal folds in detail. Using this technique, vocal fold lesions (such as cysts, polyps, papilloma, nodules or cancer) are removed without making any external incisions.


Why Microlaryngoscopy is needed ?

  • Immediate treatment is required if symptoms include laryngeal trauma, fracture, or dislocation and acute airway obstruction for vocal cord dysfunction, airway hematoma/bleeding, or edema, otherwise it can be life-threatening.
  • If a person suffers from hoarseness for more than two weeks then there might be a chance of larynx cancer and immediate treatment must be done.


Benefits and Conditions Treated

  • Hoarseness due to vocal cord disorder (Link to Hoarseness condition)
  • Removal of nodules or polyps on the vocal folds
  • This procedure locates the underlying cause of the voice problem. If it is possible, the surgeon adds a procedure to improve the quality of the voice.

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