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    I was suffering from nasal blockage and sneezing for last 2 months. Started felling feverish also. I consulted 2-3 doctors and they told that surgery is only option. I consulted him last week and he told i am not right candidate for the surgery. He gave me few medicines and a nasal spray and on next day my nose was completed open and i could breath properly after 2 months. It was a great feeling to breath properly from nose after so long. Nose after so long. He did magic..really... i started doing yoga and aerobics which i stopped coz of nasal blockage problem.
    Visited For Blocked Nose
    Happy with: Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time Extremely friendly staff that put me at ease while I filled my forms. Cheerful n friendly attitude of the doctor made the entire procedure stress free. Must complement Dr.Bhardwaj on his competency and the pain-free removal of wax from the ear.
    Zeba Khan
    Visited For Ear Wax (Cerumen) Removal
    I have gone through a septoplasty surgery. It was nice experience. I'm really very much impressed with his work. All staff members were great.the doctor is highly experienced and I'm feeling so much better after surgery thank you so much doctor and his entire staff for being so kind and gentle through out the treatment
    Saif Ali
    Visited For Throat and Voice Problems